Guerrilla Guide to Registering Voters

Guerrilla Guide to Registering Voters

1. Choose a target. College student unions, bookstores, hang outs.

2. Look up your state's requirements for ID -

3. Print a stack of registration forms for ypur state - links for all states here: 

4. Buy stamps and a box of envelopes (grocery store, drug store, usps)

5. Charge a tablet and bookmark

5a. In some states, they can vote with their dorm address or choose their home state

6. At the site. Be brave! 

Script ideas: 

"Hi, I am <name>. Was wondering if you are registered to vote?"

"What state are you from?"

"Where would you like to register, to make your vote count the most?"

If possible help them register online.

If not, help them get the paper form done. If info is missing, try to get them to go finish *right now*.

Thank them. 


One stop links:

Register / look up:

Info about all states:

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