BB’s Letter to Burger King

Dear Burger King,

Although I sincerely appreciate you trolling the man who can’t spell Hamburgers correctly, and have enjoyed your food in the past, due to the government shutdown, and our food not being safely inspected, along with not buying ANY fresh produce such as lettuce and tomatoes from the grocery store, and being super careful about ground beef, I am not going to be eating any take out burgers from your fine establishment, or any other burger joint. I am sorry about this, but the risk of getting E.Coli from tainted food right now is just too great. I am a grandmother who wants to see her grandchildren growing up, and not wind up 6 feet under, or a pile of ashes, because of a hamburger.

I understand this is not your fault. However, until our government reopens, and food inspections once more begin I am going to be doing every single thing I can to avoid being killed by what’s on my table, or yours. With each day that passes where our food is not being inspected the risk of that happening increases. I sincerely hope this shutdown ends soon so that American citizens no longer have to worry our food killing us before a terrorist or illegal immigrant can. 

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