A Special Kind Of Stupid

June 5, 2019

By Beyond Blonde

It truly does take a special kind of stupid to wind up calling the current FLOTUS you are trying to defend as much more classy than the previous FLOTUS, who, *Dramatic Gasp* wore sleeveless dresses, Filth, when someone puts a nude photo of that current FLOTUS in a comment to you. Yet damned if I didn’t see a little twit of a troll do just that on twitter. And no, I’m not the one that left that nude pic of our current FLOTUS as a comment. But, when I saw the twit that had been bad mouthing Michelle, while praising Melania call that that old nude photo of Melania’s filth, I knew I was looking at a very special kind of stupid. 

Naturally, being me, I couldn’t resist retweeting that comment and remarking that the little twit had just owned herself, and Melania by doing that. Then I took a screenshot of her tweet because if there is one thing I’ve learned about our Witless Leader and his supporters, when you call them out on saying something stupid like that, they deny having ever said it.

As the day wore on, I saw more provocative trolling tweets from the special kind of stupid little twit troll, and that she was reporting people and getting them suspended when they got fed up with her bigotry and stupidity, and called her something worse than a twit. I don’t play that game, so I blocked her, then warned my followers to be careful when responding to what was an obvious troll. 

I don’t hesitate to block trolls, bots, God Fearing Men who are looking for someone to spoil, and yes, Trump supporters. No, Trump supporters don’t intimidate or scare me. I just don’t deal very well with cult like behavior that results in blind loyalty to a man who personifies the 7 Deadly Sins. Especially, when it is Evangelicals, and the Party of Family Values whose mind boggling hypocrisy allowed them to vote for and still support that grab them by the pussy, kiss them without permission, treat them like dirt, do a porn star while the wife is at home with a newborn son, personification of those 7 Deadly Sins.

I want to make it clear I have no problem with Melania once being a nude model. My problem is with those, who like the special kind of stupid troll, deliberately bad mouths a former FLOTUS for wearing sleeveless dresses, while rattling on about how the new FLOTUS, who was once a nude model, has more class. That shit doesn’t fly with me, and I will block those kind of trolls in a heartbeat. And make no mistake about it, that special kind of stupid person is a damn troll whose only aim is to provoke someone into saying something she can turn around and have them suspended or banned for saying. My advice to anyone on social media is block those kinds of trolls without a moment’s hesitation unless you want suspended or banned.