Let Us Never Forget

January 27, 2022

BY Beyond Blonde©

When we helped to liberate Germany from Hitler’s cruel and deadly Regime Dwight Eisenhower invited the press and encouraged them to take plenty of photos because he knew there would be those who would claim the Holocaust never happened. And now, if I put up a photo showing the REAL horrors of what Hitler did to over 6 million people I run the risk of being banned from social media for doing what Eisenhower wanted, and making sure people cannot deny the horrible reality of the Holocaust. The same thing will happen if I post a photo showing the true horrors of slavery. 

Meanwhile, as social media censors any photos showing the true horror of the Holocaust and Slavery, and idiots are comparing wearing a mask and getting vaccinated to both of those things, the GOP are working on banning any and all books that show and tell the true horrors of both of those things. You know who else liked banning books and controlling what was taught in schools with an iron fist? Here’s a hint, his name starts with H, and he was responsible for the brutal murder of over 6 million people. And here’s another little REAL History byte some of you aren’t going to like one damn bit. Hitler got some of his ideas concerning what to do with Jewish and other people he felt were inferior from what our Government did to Indigenous and Black People. 

On the opposite side of this coin are people like my father, who made me read the Rise & Fall Of The Third Reich as a teenager so that I would truly know and understand how and why that happened.  He not only made me read it, he insisted that anytime I thought, “How could this happen?”, I had to start over because I obviously wasn’t getting it. I know one thing, having read that book, and yes, started it over a couple of times while reading it, to see people today saying being asked to wear a mask is the same as being dragged from their homes, put into cattle cars, taken to concentration camps, then gassed to death, is both horribly ironic, and dreadfully depressing. 

Knowing the REAL History of this world, and country does sometimes make me uncomfortable. I’m good with that because that discomfort helps guarantee I will fight like hell to make sure those horrible acts will not be repeated in our present and future. Which leads me to wonder if those fighting so hard to keep the REAL History of the Holocaust and our own country swept under the rug are in favor of those horrible things happening again because burying that shit, is how they WILL happen again. If that is the case then they better understand I will NEVER  stop fighting to see to it that certain parts of History do not repeat themselves. One way I will fight to insure those horrible parts of History do not repeat themselves is by shoving the REAL history of the Holocaust, and America down the throats of those striving so desperately to erase it.