Over 80 Million Of Us 

December 14, 2020

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Beyond Blonde

I am sipping my morning tea with excitement because today is when the Electoral College will cast 306 votes for the man than over 80 million Americans voted for.  Many of those who backed the loser of this last election want to see our 80 million votes completely disregarded simply because their man got 74 million votes. But, those of us with even half a functioning brain know that 80 million is more than 74 million, just as we know 306 is greater than 232, and therefore Biden Won The Election. 

As an American, I am happy to be getting a President who isn’t selling hatred and lies as his main menu items, and who isn’t trying incite me to go out and kill my neighbor because he or she didn’t vote for him. As a Pagan Witch, I am relieved beyond what words can express to know that the man I voted for is going to defend my right to worship as I see fit even though I am neither Jewish, nor Christian.  

And our new FLOTUS? Well golly gee whiz she is a beautiful, well educated woman who didn’t have to LIE about any of the colleges she went to, or degrees she earned, including a Doctorate of Education, which yes, makes her Dr. Jill Biden, whether you like it or not.  Best of all, she writes her own stuff instead of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s words.

It gets even better though. We are about to have the FIRST Female, Black/Indian VP. Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris has truly shattered glass ceilings all to hell and back, and I’m down for it! Every single time I look at her I see the true beauty of this magnificent melting pot that is America. Of course, I also see that every single time I look at my beautiful daughter-in-law and my 4 brown skinned grandchildren. And because of them, I understand just how important having Kamala Harris as our VP truly is. 

I am going to spend this day rejoicing in the fact that over 80 million of us just said no to 4 more years of the flaming yam. Whether we voted in person, or by mail, our votes DO count, and Joe Biden will be our 46th President, and Kamala Harris our FIRST Female, Black/Indian Vice President.