What Good Was There In Slavery?

April 28, 2021

BY Beyond Blonde©

Representative Ray Garofalo from Louisiana wants schools to teach the Good, Bad, & Ugly of Slavery. What I would like is for someone to tell me what “Good” Slavery was to those who were abducted from their homes, crammed into ships, and brought to America as Slaves, without bringing the Christian God into it. You don’t get to say, “We introduced those damn “Savages’” to God” with me because introducing so called “Savages” to your God, while beating and raping them doesn’t fucking count in my books. So, tell me please what actual, factual good EVER came from enslaving an entire race of people, forcing them to work in the fields, RAPING their women, and forcing them to give birth so the children could also be sold for a profit. Oh excuse me, yes, for the owners of the slaves, those were Good and Profitable Times. But, I want you to tell me how it was good for the Slaves. 

You think the “good” of Slavery should be taught in schools. FINE. Then you tell me right here and now what you think is “Good” about those circumstances. Tell me how you LONG to be a slave, to be forced to work, raped, and your children sold because some part of that just HAD to be Good. Until you LONG to become a Slave despite all the bad because of some imaginary “good” sit down, and STFU about teaching the “Good” of Slavery in our public schools because those of who understand the very WRONGNESS of Slavery aren’t buying that shit. 

Those of us who do understand the very WRONGNESS of Slavery also understand that if you are advocating the “Good” of Slavery be taught in our public schools, what you are REALLY advocating for is the return of Slavery. You are NOT fooling us one bit and we will NOT allow those of you pushing the “Good” of Slavery to bring that repulsive practice back to this country. I would say say  on you, but if you think slavery was good for slaves, you have NO shame. But, you would make the kind of slave owner who while beating and/or raping a slave, is convinced it is really a “Good” thing for the slave.