Where Does It End?

August 22, 2023

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BY  Beyond Blonde©

Just so y'all know, after seeing the story of a woman being shot dead for flying a Pride flag, then a trans woman being shot by an asshole man who approached her at a bus stop then pulled out a gun and shot her merely for being a trans woman, I don't have ANY damn time for Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, or ANYONE whose attitude is if I don't like it, I shoot it. Fortunately the trans woman survived. However the woman shot for merely displaying a Pride Flag left behind 9 children and a husband who dearly loved her. As well as community who is mourning her loss.

I am SO sick of the damn love of violence being shown by some Christians I could throw up. Seriously, your god damn stupid response of shooting anything you don't like is about the most Unchristian thing I've ever seen in my life. But, boy it's right there in line with the HATE that Christianity so often shows to anyone that doesn't bow down to its RULES. 

Ask yourselves this: If the Religious Reich succeeds in driving LGBT+ people back into the closet using violence and the Shoot It If You Don't Like It rule, who is next? Will anyone who doesn't identify as a Christian, most importantly, THEIR kind of Christian be next? Because if you think this will stop with LGBT+ people you are a fool. Or you do KNOW and you're loving that thought. But sooner or later, you might wind up on their shit list. Then it will be your life on the line.