Beyond Blonde

Mayhem Round The Maypole

The nine dancers adjusted their costumes, rechecked their make-up, then headed towards the three poles festooned with long flowing ribbons. Each pole had three ribbons running down from the top of it. Each dancer took a ribbon in her hand, and proceeded to caress it as if it was a favorite lover.  The dancers raised their left arms, wound the ribbons around them, then using them as leverage, leaned back so far their heads nearly touched the stage floor. They then began to ever so slowly and sensuously draw the excess ribbon now running down their arms, and between their legs, up their bent over bodies. As the sultry beat of the music continued, the dancers slowly straightened up, then began to dance joyously, but very provocatively around the poles. As they danced, they began removing parts of each others costumes.  

The owner of Dancing Dolls watched his customers reactions to the Dolls Around The Maypole show, and smiled from ear to ear. They loved it. He watched as his newest dancer went to the pole and began to slide up it.  Using her legs, and the ribbon as leverage again, she reclined her torso in a vertical position, and began to slide the excess ribbon up and down between her legs. Frankie found himself hoping she would stay around for a while because she was one Hot Bitch, and the customers loved her. 

The other two girls continued to dance around her, often dancing up to her and pantomiming performing lewd acts upon her with their ribbons, hands, and tongues, then dancing around the pole, sometimes coming together for a few moments to dance with each other. All while the newest dancer worked the center pole in a manner that had even the owner, Frankie, gulping at times. As he turned to the bartender, who was staring wide eyed at the newest dancer, he remarked, "Doing her, would be like getting it on with a living Gumby doll."

"No shit!" replied the bartender, then hurried off to refill drinks. 

Many pairs of eyes were on the newest dancer as she worked the pole. Only one pair of those eyes were of any interest to her. With any luck, her performance would draw the owner of those eyes to her. If it worked, and he followed his usual pattern, his intentions towards her were certainly going to be less than honorable. Then again, that was the norm for Tawny when she was on the job. Attracting dangerous people, who often meant her harm, was part of that job description.

If her plan worked, the man she was currently trying to attract would make contact with her. After a short wooing session, he would promptly sell her into a white slavery ring. It was her job to gather enough evidence during the short wooing session to send him away for a very long time, or if necessary, terminate him. Given the number of people he was responsible for murdering, as well as all the girls he had sold into slavery, Tawny had no problem terminating him if it came to that. 

Sometimes her plans worked out, and sometimes they didn't. Tawny had contingency plans whenever possible. Though some things, like the Blue Rose Killer incident just couldn't be planned for. After all, who would have thought she would be targeted by him, while taking a hike she hoped would put her in contact with her intended target? It was a classic case of, "Shit happens. Deal with it." Rick was still giving her some flack over how she had dealt with it. But, he would get over it. Especially if she could get her intended target to make contact with her tonight. 

As Tawny kept working the pole for all she was worth, her intended target was noticing her. He was contemplating that although she was a little older than some liked, he did have a small clientele who preferred more maturity and experience. As she expertly showed her skills off on the pole by performing another body and mind bending Kama Sutra move on it, he had to admit at that moment, fresh faced innocent beauty paled in comparison to her moves, and he would have cheerfully killed, to be that pole.

Tawny glanced over at her intended target, and was pleased to see he had been dutifully impressed by her last move. Now that she had his complete attention, she performed another Kama Sutra move with the pole, and the ribbons around her wrists, that was bound to keep his attention. She knew she had him when he called Frankie over, whispered something to him, and nodded towards her. 

Frankie hated to see this happen in a way. She was a crowd drawer and pleaser.  However, business was business, and the money that would pass under the table to him after she disappeared, would more than make up for her loss.  Which is why Frankie dutifully saw to it that she went to one of the private rooms after the Dolls Around The Maypoles show was over. 

Tawny quickly changed into a clingy through the torso, swirly skirted little black dress. Accessorized it with a pair 6" silver stiletto heels, and a little expandable little silver purse. The innocent looking contents of the purse could be used as in a variety of lethal ways if necessary. Her target was in the room alone when she went in. 

They were just getting cozy, when a blast from her past walked in the room. Tawny was already reaching down and removing one of her stiletto heels, and flicking the rubber tip off it before his eyes made contact with her. He had undergone a major redo, which obviously included some reconstructive surgery. As he reached for his gun, she sent the poison tipped stiletto heel sailing through the air, and noticed he still had the small star shaped mole on the back of his hand. Then poison tipped stiletto landed with the heel through his right eye.  

The second she had sent that stiletto heel sailing through the air, she had snatched off the other one, flipped the rubber tip off it, and turned to her target. He was reaching for his gun and opening his mouth to say something, when she rammed the other stiletto heel through his left eye, and snatched the gun from his hand. 

The blast from the past was twitching on the floor, and her target was certainly terminated. She had wanted to gather as much information about his clients as possible before she handed him over to the wheels of justice, or terminated him. But, this was just another case of, "Shit Happens. Deal with it." Tawny continued to deal with it by sending a quick, "Send in the Calvary!" message to Rick from the iPhone she pulled out of her purse. Once the message was sent she slid the phone back in it, along with the gun her target had tried to pull on her.  

Next she confiscated the smaller gun from his ankle holster, and shoved it down her cleavage. She dragged her target's body over towards the door, and as the blast from the past stopped twitching she grabbed his guns as well. After locking the door, she pushed the bodies against it as a barricade. She slid the table under the a/c vent, removed the screws with a screwdriver hidden in the lipstick tube, and tossed the vent cover on the table. She squatted slightly, then sprang up into the now open duct, and shimmied through it.  

She could hear Frankie and his crew trying to get through the door as she made her way along the ductwork. Tawny had already made one trip through this ductwork, and left a few things she thought might come in handy in an emergency. She picked up the two holstered guns she had left, and put them on. Because she didn't like making a fast getaway in high heels or bare feet when on foot, she also picked up the pair of running shoes and slipped them on. She headed towards the vent that came out in the back of the dressing room. After she kicked the vent open, she dropped down into the room. 

With the ruckus going on up front, the dressing rooms were deserted. Tawny opened an old trap door she had found in the back of one of the closets, and went down it. It led to the basement, then to a door that she exited the building from. As she went running down the street, a black car pulled up beside her. When the door opened, she dived into the car.  As the car sped off Tawny glared at Rick and exclaimed, "How in the hell did he wind up in that room with me?"

Rick managed to look slightly abashed and replied, "It's like you always say, Tawny, 'Shit Happens. Deal with it.' By the time Carl made him though the redo, he was already nearly to the room."

Tawny slipped off her pink running shoes, leaned back in the seat, took the glass of wine Rick offered her, looked over the rim of the wine glass and replied, "Well don't give me ANY flack about how I dealt with it this time." Then she turned in the seat, raised her legs up, put her feet in his lap, and began to sip her wine.

He picked up one of her feet and replied, "Don't worry my dear, not a word will be said on how you dealt with it." As he began to rub her foot, he gazed at it, remembering how he had once seen her crush a man's larynx with one well placed blow of that foot. He crooned, "Such a lovely little lethal foot."

Tawny rolled her eyes, took a sip of her wine, then said, "You are a sick bastard. You were remembering the Kung Fu thing again. You only love my feet because they are so deadly."

Rick looked really wounded to the core, and replied, "That's not true! I also love them because of how they feel against my head when you have your ankles crossed behind my neck. Oh, and then there is how they look over my head with your toes hooked in the bedrail!"