Beyond Blonde

How To Practice The Art Of Subliminal Seduction

Lesson I

The uses for subliminal seduction and mind manipulation are endless.  Subliminal seduction in and of itself is not evil.  How and why you use the art of subliminal seduction is what makes you a toad or not.  The techniques I am going to discuss will work.  They will work for men and women.  They work for heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians and bisexual people.  They should even work on hermaphrodites.  I'm not going to teach you how to take advantage of a person's mind to the point you could talk them into your bed in 10 minutes though.  This is NOT a Speed Seduction seminar!  But I am going to show you how one can use the art of subliminal seduction to be a more interesting, entertaining and desirable person.  My techniques will work.  But they will require you to do your homework.  There will be no "patterns" to learn in BB's School of Subliminal Seduction.  I personally suggest you dispense with the idea of  "patterns" entirely.  I never have, nor will I ever, resort to using preset "patterns" while practicing the art of subliminal seduction.  Nor did I ever have to resort to speaking in low hypnotic tones to seduce, subliminally or otherwise, any wolf I have ever danced with.  What I am going to teach you is how to REALLY become a more interesting and attractive person.  Not how to hide a wart covered hide under a bunch of preset "patterns".  Our first lesson will cover the use of trigger words and provocative banter.  Keep in mind at times, I will have my tongue firmly in my cheek because humor, is very seductive.

Trigger words are a very important part of subliminal seduction.  Trigger words are words that titillate, or outright arouse desire, on a conscious or subconscious level.   Everyday words that are often associated with sex are great trigger words.  Provocative banter is another way you can arouse desire in a person.   Now arousing desire in people is rather easy for anyone who is articulate to any degree.  Words are an extremely powerful means of arousing desire.  The real trick to subliminally seducing someone through the use of trigger words and provocative banter is to become the object of the desire that you are arousing.  If you are using subliminal techniques in a one on one situation in real life making sure you are in front of the person you are using these words on is one way to help insure you become the object for the desire you are arousing.  You will be the first thing they see when you stroke the frills of their inner reptile and hopefully arouse their desire.  By doing this, you may become that which they desire.  Sort of like how birds bond to the first thing they see when they hatch.

Your homework consists of making a list of every trigger word you can think of.  Wrap your hands around a Thesaurus, and look up words you know in it that are provocative.   Learn new words that mean the same thing.  Spend some time practicing ways of working some of those words into seemingly innocent sentences.  Then salaciously slide them into some not so innocent sentences. Let your inner reptile run wild when making that list and checking it twice.  Give him full rein when it comes to composing sentences, phrases and provocative banter.    And spice those sentences and banter with some salacious silliness whenever possible.   A true master or mistress of the art of subliminal seduction, is very good at making people feel good.  Those people know that when a person laughs, that makes a person feel very good indeed. 

To help get you started, I will give you a few trigger words, and use them in a sentence.  The trigger words are come with me, go down and hard on.  Here's a sentence containing those words I actually used one night when I was dancing through the forest in my "Little Red Hiding Hood" outfit.  This outfit consisted of red velvet hot pants, a sheer black blouse and a pair of high heeled nearly knee high black suede boots.  Topping this ensemble off was a short red cape with, you guessed it, a hood.  A sleek young wolf came slinking up to me and said with a lewd leer, "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, can I come with you to granny's house?"  The way he put a little subtle emphasis on the words come with you, tipped me off that this dude was into word games.  And possibly even mutual satisfaction.  So  I smiled at him, and with a wide eyed innocent look replied, "Well Mr. Wolf, if you don't think the trip would be too hard on you, you are welcome to go down the garden path, and come with me to granny's." 

Lesson II

I decided while I was still tied up in traction and recuperating from a car accident that ended with me sailing through the windshield that when I finally got out of the hospital I was going to show people that you didn't have to be beautiful, to be attractive.  The fact that not so long after I did get out of the hospital, I could often be seen on the arms of some really sleek and beautiful young wolves, was mute testimony to just how attractive you can make yourself with good fashion sense and seduction techniques that include a good smattering of the salaciously subliminal.  I remember once when I was in the powder room at a dance, a very beautiful young woman came up to me and said, "How do you do that?  Every time I see you, you are with some absolutely gorgeous fox.  I have been trying to get a date with that guy you are with for months!  You walked into the dance, and ten minutes later he is falling all over himself to be around you!  You really must be a damned witch!"  Since a lot of women looked upon me with pity because of the scars I had, my ability to snare the best looking wolf in the room in less than thirty minutes seemed like magick to them.

And before you raise your hand to ask the teacher a question, No! I did NOT cast a spell on that poor little wolfen that turned him into a mindless zombie programmed to do my sexual bidding.  True, his tail was wagging with extreme eagerness after ten minutes with me .   But I swear, he was NOT hexed.   But, in a way, it was magick.  Word magick.  And what I thought at the time was illusion.  Perhaps it is time I shared with my readers how I built a better beast from the ground up after that trip I took through the glass darkly so many years ago.  That trip forever changed the way that others would look at me.  And how I would learn to look at other people.  No matter what you look like, I am going to show you how you can make yourself more attractive.  The nice thing is, the techniques I'm going to discuss can be used by anyone.  It doesn't matter what you look like, what color your skin is, or even what your sexual preference is, these techniques can still help you become a more attractive person.  Even the truly beautiful can benefit from using some of these techniques.

The first step in building a better beast is to take an honest appraisal of your physical self.  Don't be too hard on yourself though.  Decide what your best physical assets are, and concentrate on ways to flaunt those assets.  Decide what your least attractive physical attributes are, and concentrate on downplaying and distracting from, or outright camouflaging, those attributes.  For instance, as well as using my best assets to distract people from looking too closely at my face, I wore tinted granny glasses to camouflage the damage done to my left eye in that car wreck.

Once I had figured out what I needed to do to distract from and camouflage my physical imperfections, I began working on making the better beast I was building as entertaining and interesting a creature as I could possibly make her.  I kept up with current events I knew would interest the wolves I wanted to dance with.  Then devised ways to insert trigger words and provocative banter into those conversations.  I did my homework and made sure I was prepared for a variety of topics of conversation.  No matter what the topic of conversation was, I could inject some trigger words and provocative banter into that conversation that would stroke the frills of a wolf's inner reptile until they positively quivered with carnal delight at the thought of getting to know me more intimately. 

Your homework consists of some questions.  Make a note of the answers to these questions please.  Study those answers, then use those answers to start building a better beast.

1.  What are your best physical assets?

2.  How could flaunt those assets to your best advantage?

3.  What are you worst physical attributes?

4.  How can you best downplay, distract from, or camouflage those attributes?

5.  What can you do to make yourself a more interesting person? (Some suggestions, read books about subjects that interest you and the type of person who attracts you.  Keep up on current events that interest you and the type of person that attracts you.)

6.  Figure out ways to insert trigger words and provocative banter into conversations concerning those subjects that interest you and the person you are trying to seduce.

Lesson III

Some of you following these lesson plans may be wondering why I gave you homework last week that included things you could do concerning your physical appearance.  My reason for doing that is very simple.  Knowing how to make people feel good about themselves is a very important part of subliminal seduction.  Before you can make others feel good about themselves, it is important that you feel good about yourself.  Making people feel good about their physical appearance is going to be an important part of your technique.  It is therefore important that you feel as good as you possibly can about your own physical appearance.

I also think that before we go any further with these lessons, I need to explain a bit more about how The Ultimate Lamb Chop came into existence.  And why I used her in the shameless fashion I did.  This creature was spawned in part by a remark I overheard a nurse make to my doctor shortly after I had sailed through that windshield.  Thinking I was asleep, she remarked to my doctor, in a very kind but pity filled whisper, that it was a good thing my dad had money since after this, the only way I would find a decent looking husband, is if he bought me one.  I decided right then, that I would never be seen in the company of anything less than a very good-looking guy when I started dating.  That is not an easy promise to make to yourself when you are living in a room where no mirrors were allowed.  I not only kept that promise, I took it to an extreme nobody would have thought possible.  When I started dancing with the wolves nearly a year later, it became a point of honor for me that I never be seen with anything less than the best.  More importantly, it was important to me that people realize that daddy hadn't bought that pretty boy as a present for his now flawed princess. 

I didn't create The Ultimate Lamb Chop just to make sure I could get a date.  I created her to prove something to myself, and to the rest of the world.  Especially all those people with those damned pity filled eyes. This is as close as you are going to get to an explanation, or an excuse, for some of the things you will read when I recount some of my personal experiences with the art of subliminal seduction in the coming lessons. Now that I've explained all that, let's get into this week's lesson.

You probably have at sometime or another seen an incredibly beautiful woman on the arm of, and hanging on to every word spoken by some short overweight bald headed dude that you would think she wouldn't even give the time of day to.  You have no doubt asked yourself what that beautiful woman saw in the short fat bald headed dude.  Well, that little guy has probably been doing something to that beautiful babe a lot of gorgeous guys don't know how to do.  That little bald dude may have been keeping that woman not only physically satisfied, but mentally entertained and delighted as well.  And that little bald dude may have also been doing something else to that beautiful woman that many handsome dudes fail to do.  The short bald guy may have actually been listening to, and perhaps hanging onto  every word that beautiful woman has to say.  That's right , the reason you sometimes see a really beautiful woman, or a handsome man, with a partner that is shall we say, less than physically stunning, is because those less than physically stunning people have learned to pay attention to what their partners are saying.

People, no matter how beautiful they are, like to think that that a person who is trying to seduce them is interested in their mind, as well as their body.  A person who pays attention to what they have to say is far more interesting and attractive to them than a person who is only enthralled with their physical beauty.  If you really want to impress a woman, or man you are dating, or trying to get a date with try paying close attention to what that person has to say when you are talking to them.   Reply intelligently to what they have said, and if possible insert trigger words, and even provocative and humorous banter into those replies.  This is where boning up on what interests the person you are trying to seduce comes in handy.

Now I'm going to let you in on another little secret about the art of subliminal seduction.  The reason it works so well, is partly because intelligence can be incredibly sexy.  That's right girls, dumb is not necessarily a big turn on for a lot of men.  I've also discovered that a lot of men who claim to like their women kind of dumb are not telling the whole truth.  What some of them really mean is that they like a woman who makes them feel smart.  A truly intelligent woman who knows and understands this can outmaneuver a beautiful, but dumb blonde with ease if she just plays her cards right.  Look at it this way, if being around a dumb blonde makes a man feel good because it makes him feel smart, think how good being around an intelligent woman who makes him feel smart is going to feel. The flip side is truly intelligent women enjoy being around men who make them feel good about their own intelligence.  Men, read that sentence again and really think about what I'm saying here.  Keep in mind while you are thinking about it that a lot of knuckle dragging Neanderthals go out of their way to make intelligent women feel bad about being smarter than they are. 

Seduction, be it subliminal or otherwise is about making people feel good.  The better you make a person feel, the better your chances for seducing that person become.  If you make a person feel good about themselves in general, as well as about the idea of getting intimate with you, your chances for a little afternoon delight, or a naughty night sky rocket in flight.  Throw some humor into this mix, and your chances increase even more.

Your homework this week consists of thinking of all the ways you can to make a person you desire feel good about themselves.  Think of sincere, and notice I said SINCERE, compliments you could pay to the person you desire.    Think of some things that person does that pleases you.  Things that makes you feel good when he or she does them.  Think of ways to compliment him or her on those things.  Think a couple of things that are that person's best physical assets, and how you could sincerely compliment the person on those assets.  Now think of ways to salaciously slide some trigger words, and if at all possible a little provocative banter, into those compliments.  You are trying to stroke both the person's ego, and inner reptile here. 

For instance, a little lamb chop who was trying to seduce a wolf into dancing with her could put her hand lightly on the wolf's upper arm.   Then with a look of wide eyed wonder on her face, sort of breathlessly say something like, "My my Mr. Wolf, what big hard biceps you have there."  You can choose whether or not you want to give those biceps a gentle little squeeze as you are saying that.  Trust me here, whether you squeeze those biceps or not, this type of approach works much better than pointing out what big eyes they have.  Especially if you emphasize slightly the words big and hard.  If you do that, you'll give their ego a nice pleasant tickle, and raise the frills of their inner reptile.  If you lick your lips right before you say this, his frills will positively quiver in carnal delight.  If that beautiful but not so bright brunette who ask me how I managed to snare so many good looking wolves had known about this little technique she would have no doubt been able to get a date with that fox she wanted so badly. 

Now I'll tell you a little secret to making a person feel good about the idea of getting intimate with you.   You can mull this over  as part of your homework assignment.  Be sincerely and genuinely interested in the person you are trying to seduce as something more than just a sexual conquest.  If you are sincerely and genuinely interested in having something more than just a fast sexual encounter with him or her, that person will become aware of that, and feel much more comfortable about the idea of getting intimate with you.  I don't think any truly intelligent man or woman with any self respect wants to be just another notch on a bedpost.  I'm not saying you have to make any kind of long or short term commitment here to the person who are trying to seduce.  But I do believe that what separates a toad from a wolf when it comes to the art of seduction, subliminal or otherwise, is whether or not the person doing the seducing has some kind of genuine liking and respect for the person they are trying to seduce. 

Lesson IV

I hope by now you are beginning to see the difference between the true art of subliminal seduction, and what Ross Jefferies hawks as Speed Seduction.  I supply you with no "patterns" guaranteed to make a man or woman putty in your hands.  Instead, I am trying to supply you with a way to truly make yourself the type of intelligent, funny, charming and delightful person you really are deep down inside.  I truly feel that anyone who enjoys the Beyond Blonde experience at all really is that kind of person.  No matter how shy and insecure you normally are.  You are obviously intelligent and have a great sense of humor, or you wouldn't be fans of mine.  Therefore, becoming funny and charming isn't something that is going to be too hard on you.  Some of you have already displayed an enormous amount of wit and delightful charm in the emails you have sent me.  All I'm trying to do is somehow allow you to get in touch with, and show to the rest of the world the person you really are.   Okay, I'll admit that right now, I'm also giving you a fine example of how good it feels to have your ego and inner reptile shamelessly stroked with sincere compliments.

You have also probably figured out by now that my seduction techniques include a heavy dose of tongue in cheek humor.  For the wolves I used these techniques on in the 70's, I was the next best thing to dating a stand up comic.  I kept them smiling and/or laughing as much as possible.  I discovered early on in the game that humor is very sexy.    Especially well done tongue in cheek salacious humor.  It seemed to me that wolves liked being around a lamb chop that kept her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.  I have a theory that it is because it makes them think, or at least their inner reptile think about what else she could be doing with that tongue.  I became the ultimate good time tongue in cheek girl.  Even if a wolf never made it past first base with me, he still had a hell of good time playing the game.

It took a lot of hard work though to become that ultimate good time girl.  I worked constantly at improving myself.  I challenged myself on a daily basis to come up with evermore effective trigger words and phrases that could be used in a light hearted funny way.  Once the muse arrived, I challenged him on a daily basis as well.  I kept my banter as funny, as it was provocative.  I developed my own unique style and method of employing the art of subliminal seduction.  If you wish to truly be a master or mistress of the art of seduction, subliminal and otherwise, you must also develop your own style and method of employing these techniques.  Otherwise, you are just another "pattern" repeating toad.  Be yourself!  Don't be a toad!  Your little gray cells are more than capable of developing a style and method that is uniquely yours.  If you just trust your inner reptile, give it, and your gray cells a chance, you will not have to resort to "patterns" and hypnotic tones to seduce someone. 

The art of seduction is a give and take affair.  This is especially true of the art of subliminal seduction.  You are giving the inner reptile of the person you are trying to seduce a few gentle strokes in the hopes they will in turn think about stroking you the right way.  You should not try to jerk that inner reptile off  with repeated "patterns" in the hopes of quick lay.  Nor should you try to mesmerize the person you are trying to seduce with low hypnotic tones.  Remember I told you that I wanted you to be funny and charming?  Well,  do you have any idea how terribly unfunny low hypnotic tones really are?  I also told you to be yourself.  Now do you normally go around talking in low hypnotic tones?   If you follow my advice and learn what the true art of seduction, subliminal and otherwise, is really all about, the better beast you are building will eventually be a thoroughly delightful and charming creature to be around.

This week's homework consists of you thinking up an effective way to draw a comment out of someone that will allow you to reply with some witty sentences that are lightly to moderately laced with a few effective trigger words.  You do not have to go to the extreme of dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood to reach this goal.   Have pretend conversations with someone you desire that would achieve this goal. Just think about what some of the interests are of the person you desire, and work on using those interests as a means of "baiting" them into allowing you to gently stroke their inner reptile.  You can also work on ways of saying intelligent witty things about some current event that you can slide trigger words into and/or indulge in provocative banter about.  This will come in handy if you meet a stranger that you fall in lust at first sight with.


Lesson V

I have always had a passion for words.  Words turn me on in a way pictures don't.  Articulate men are what rock my boat.  My father knew of my passion for words, and the effect words could have on me.  That is why he insisted on giving me all the information and education he could about how some dudes would be apt to use subliminal techniques that included trigger words and provocative banter to seduce his little princess into a compromising position.  I don't think he realized until it was too late, that his precocious little flawed princess might take that education and start using it as an offensive, instead of defensive maneuver.  Daddy was a real wise man, but sometimes even he underestimated his little tragically flawed princess.

I took that passion for words I had and combined it with what daddy's education had supplied me with. Then I added some spicy style to the way I dressed, and created The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  Much later that passion for words combined with fate in a most peculiar way, and Beyond Blonde was born.  We all know what that salaciously sassy little blonde she has grown up to be.  I have previously admitted that I shamelessly and cheerfully use a salacious form of subliminal seduction to stroke and raise the frills of the inner reptiles of my readers.  Now I'm sitting here giving lessons in the art of subliminal seduction.  I'm also shamelessly and cheerfully giving you examples of how I used this art back in the 70's to seduce the wolves into dancing with me.  The power of cheese is nothing in comparison to the power of words.  Words helped to create what at first was an illusionary creature called The Ultimate Lamb Chop, then turn her into a reality. Though I still thought of her for a long time as an illusionary creature I pulled out of my basket of goodies when I went to dance with the wolves, the fact is I really became that creature when I pulled her out of my basket of goodies.  She wasn't the illusion.  The illusion was that I thought of her as that.

Some of you are suffering from the illusion that you need some kind of subliminal miracle to make people like you and want to get to know you better.  The reality is that you already have everything you need to take a little word magick and get what or who you desire.  Stop wasting time worrying about what you perceive as your faults, and start spending time building a better beast.  That beast can become anything you want it to.  I built my better beast into the The Ultimate Lamb Chop back in the seventies.  But If I was working overtime to be The Ultimate Lamb Chop, there were wolves out there doing the same thing to become The Ultimate Wolf.  Personally, I had nothing against those alpha wolves.  Those alpha wolves truly loved their prey. Though  I'll admit they might not love a piece of prey forever.  However, you would have never heard a wolf I danced with make the kinds of disgusting remarks about women that Ross and his band of fellow toads have been seen to make.   The wolves I danced with also respected a piece of warm fuzzy prey that could really give them a run for their money.  They also liked and respected a piece of warm fuzzy prey that could escape them, but still leave them panting and happy.  I left the ones I escaped from with the same kind of happy drooling look that you see on speckled pup's face even when the rabbit gets away.  That's another difference between a toad and a wolf.  You can leave a wolf with a happy panting look on his face even if you escape from him.  Toads on the other hand, sulk and say nasty things about the princesses who won't kiss their warty knobs.

I have nothing against a man using my lessons to try and build his better beast in The Ultimate Wolf.  With any luck, you'll meet some warm fuzzy piece of prey dancing through the woods who is working on becoming The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  The chances of this happening are pretty good actually because like often tends to attract like when it comes to better beasts.  Now I'm going to give you a real down and dirty tip about the art of being The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  I found that the better I became at being The Ultimate Lamb Chop, the more I tended to attract alpha wolves.  I also noticed that alpha wolves are real competitive.  I discovered that you could sort of create a chain reaction in a pack of them.  Once I got adept enough at subliminally seducing one or two alpha wolves, I found attracting the attention of other alpha wolves was as easy as some toads thought I was.  See, if one alpha wolf has what appears to be a totally charming and delightful little lamb chop hanging from his arm, who among other things, is obviously raising the frills of his inner reptile, the other alpha wolves will take a lot of notice of that little piece of prey.  Should she ever stray far enough away from that alpha wolf's arm, some of those other alpha wolves will descend upon her like, well like a pack of wolves.  There may be honor among thieves, but there isn't a shred of it among some wolves.  Of course, Ultimate Lamb Chops can be pretty competitive as well.  Ultimate Lamb Chops also enjoy the chase as much as the wolves running after them do.  They don't whine and bitch about the wolves that got away.  They understand that you can't always get what you want.

This week I want you to come to terms with the realization that you already are that which you wish to become.  The skeleton of whatever better beast you want to build is already inside your own warped little mind.  It is a part of your personality already.  You simply need to learn how to work a little word magick to help flesh out that skeleton and turn it into the better beast you want to build.  Once you fully come to terms with this realization, you will also slowly come to the realization that everybody has a better beast inside them they are working on.  Then you begin to understand that another key to the art of subliminal seduction is in finding out what kind of better beast the person you are trying to seduce is working on.   Then you let them know that in your eyes, that better beast already exists.   From there on out you must be careful what you do.  People who can successfully insert that key into the lock can enter the deepest, warmest, most warped recesses of a person's mind, and really scramble a person's brain.  This thing called word magick I keep referring to is a very powerful form of practical magick.  Those who use it should keep in mind that magick of any form, always returns to its creator threefold.

Lesson VI

Remember that chain reaction I mentioned in last week's lesson?  Well now I'm going to give my faithful students an example what kind of chain reactions you can start with the art of subliminal seduction.  Especially when you take it to the extreme.

When I first started dancing with wolves, I decided that I would be better off pulling The Ultimate Lamb Chop out of my basket of goodies in territory that I was not previously known in.  At first I didn't want to be noticed because I was actually on a reconnaissance mission at that point.  What I did at first was to create a little "waif" type creature that sort of just blended into the background and went completely unnoticed by the wolves.  This dull and boring little creature drifted around seemingly aimlessly for a few months, then dissapeared never to be seen again.  The next time I stepped into the forest, it was as The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  The wolves sure as hell rose up and took notice of her when she came skipping into the forest.  Even *Jay, the dude who was at the top of the food chain when it came to lamb chops in this particular forest, did a double take when this newest little fuzzy tailed piece of prey came skipping into the forest.  He hadn't noticed me at all in my "waif life", but he sure noticed me now.  There is nothing like dressing up as a very salacious looking Little Red Riding Hood when you first come skipping into the forest, to raise the hackles of every wolf in the forest.

Jay didn't swoop in and take up the chase right then though because at that moment in time, he was in what passed for a relationship with him.  I knew that he had never had any relationship to date that had lasted more than a few weeks.  So I contented myself with dancing with some of his fellow pack members for the time being.  But as I danced with some of his fellow pack members, I noticed him watching this newest piece of warm fuzzy prey with a definite gleam in his eye a couple of times.  Over the next few weeks Jay and I became what you might call nodding acquaintances.  It was obvious from a couple of remarks he made while we were nodding at each and passing each other like ships in the night, that he had come realize I was hunting his fellow pack members with the same dedication to detail, and love of the chase, as he hunted lamb chops with.  The way he grinned at me when he made those comments let me know Jay seemed to find this concept quite amusing.  He also knew I wasn't quite what I first appeared to be. 

It didn't take long for it to begin to be known that I was NOT as easy a wolf might think.  But some of them kept coming back for more even if I wasn't as easy to take down as they had first thought.  The ones that kept coming back were the kind of wolves who enjoy the chase just as much as the kill.   Those kind of wolves like a challenge.  Though they hadn't resorted to beating them off with a stick, I had come to understand a lot of the wolves in that forest were actually starting to get a little bored at times with so much easy pickings around.  Remember this was the great sexual revolution of the 70's and free sex was everywhere.  I also noticed during my "waif life", that anytime a lamb chop entered the room who looked liked she might could give them a run for their money, the eyes of some of those alpha wolves in that pack REALLY lit up.  Especially if that lamb chop looked like she was well worth the effort of the chase.  As far some of those wolves were concerned, I was well worth the effort of the chase.

About a month after my debut as The Ultimate Lamb Chop I noticed while I was dancing with one of his fellow pack mates, that Jay was without what had been his current arm decoration.  Later on, as I was standing talking to a girl I had become casual friends with over the last few weeks, I noticed her glancing over my shoulder at something or someone.  I turned around to see what she was so interested in, and came face to face with Jay.  I hadn't expected to have such a close encounter with him right then, and stepped back in surprise when I turned around and suddenly found myself practically in his arms.  He reached out and grabbed my arms like he thought I was going to fall over backwards or something.  Then he looked down at me with a predatory smile and said, "Sorry blondie, didn't mean to scare you.  I was about to ask you if you would dance with me."  I froze for a few seconds like a good little piece of prey.  Then looked up at him with the same kind of look a doe has on her face when you see her in the headlights of your pick up, and said, "Well you startled me I'll admit.  But I'm not sure about being afraid."  Then I blinked, smiled up at him, and said,  I don't think I'm going to swoon or anything though, so you can turn me loose now if you want."  The way he looked down at me and grinned, told me in no uncertain terms he wasn't about to let go of this warm fuzzy piece of prey right then.  He had the same look a cat gets on his face when has his paw on a mouse's tail.  He did turn loose of my arms though.  Then he grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor.  Wolves, like cats, like to play with their prey before they eat it.

After that dance set was over, we went back to his table and did the, "What's a nice lamb chop like you doing in a forest like this?" routine.  I told him I was here because I had developed a bit of an aversion to being "nice" lately.  As we discussed nice versus naughty as a desirable character trait, he asked me at one point where I had been all his life.   I replied I had got held up in a little crosstown traffic.  He gave me an evil leer and said he couldn't wait to see the tire tracks across my back.  I laughed said, "Well, if you have been living right, maybe Pan will grant you what you desire."  Having done my homework, I knew that Jay would know who Pan was.  That remark raised an eyebrow at first.  Then widened the predatory grin that was plastered on his face.  He remarked that he thought Pan would agree he had been living right.  He went on to say he just hoped Pan would grant him his heart's desire tonight.   I laughed and said "No doubt Pan would think you are living right.  But I don't think we've know each other long enough for you to get your heart's desire this Midsummer's eve."   He raised an eyebrow again, then laughed and replied that he had ample patience, but hoped the winter wouldn't be too bleak for him. 

The remarks I made to Jay ensured that he would not mind taking some time to get to know me better.  It was not often he came across a lamb chop that could banter with him in the manner I had.  I think I was the first one he had come across that could throw that Midsummer's eve remark at him the way I did.  See how important it is to do your homework and bone up on any subject you know your current heart's desire is interested in?

Your homework this week is to keep doing your homework and learning what interests your current heart's desire.  You should also become aware of any phobias and/or personality traits that might pose a problem to the successful seduction of your current heart's desire.  Then figure out how you are going to make sure those phobias and/or personality traits don't interfer with the successful seduction of your current heart's desire.  I also want you to mull the following statement over this week.  Within this statement lies the key to being a truly successful practitioner of the art of sublminal seduction.  For most women, and a lot of men, especially intelligent women and men, the most erogenous zone on their body isn't between their legs, but is between their ears. 

*Name has been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Lesson VII

Although Jay didn't know it at first, we both had several things in common.  Both of us owned and rode horses.  Both of us were well read and had a love of Pagan Mythology and Shakespeare.  We both also shared an aversion the concept of commitment.  At that point in time, getting married, or even going steady was the last thing on my little blonde mind.  I was simply out to prove a point, and have a good time while I was proving it.  I was way too young to get married.   I didn't even have a desire to get into a serious relationship with any wolf I danced with.  Jay also did not want to get married at that point in time.   Nor did he want anything to do with a serious committed relationship.  One of the reasons he never had long relationships with his previous arm decorations is because they would start talking commitment within a few weeks of starting to date him.   Knowing things like this about the person you are tying to seduce is what makes a person able to more easily seduce their current heart's desire.  Truly sharing some of their interests and traits, also makes seducing your current heart's desire much easier.

Within a couple of hours of us first beginning the dance, I let him know in some subtle, and not so subtle ways, that we had those things in common.  Finding a lamb chop that shared so much in common with him did something to him I had never seen happen before with him.  It got me his complete undivided attention for the rest of the evening.  Since I could talk to him in a way that truly interested and entertained him his normally roving eye was for once, strangely still.  As we did bid each other a warm and lingering fond farewell that evening  Jay asked me for a date for the following evening.  I told him I wasn't quite ready to commit myself to a real date with him for the next night, but that I would be at the party that was going on at the creek tomorrow night.  I told him if he wanted to show up there, we could see how things went.

The fact that I seemed reluctant to even commit myself to a real date for the following evening both rankled him, and in an odd way, reassured him.  My behavior rubbed his fur the wrong a bit because he wasn't used to having any trouble getting a girl to at least just say yes to a second date.  The way my forehead wrinkled in a frown and I almost gagged as I said the word "commit", reassured him that even if we did wind up on a second date the next evening he wasn't going to have to worry about me asking some soul searching question like, "By the way, how do you feel about being in a committed relationship?"  I had actually heard one lamb chop ask him that on their second date as I was studying him and the other wolves during my "waif life".  He dumped that lamb chop so fast she never even made it to a third date.

He accepted the proposition I made to him concerning the next night.   Then he remarked that now he knew why he had seen me leave with more guys than he had ever seen me come with.  I grinned at him to let him know that one hadn't sailed over my little blonde head, then said, "Well, I'm a bit picky about the kind of men I come with.  I like to check a man out pretty thoroughly before I agree to that kind of arrangement with him.  I don't buy a horse without putting him through his paces first.   And I don't agree to come with a man until I've put him through his as well."  He laughed and said,  "That sounds like good reasoning to me.  I can't wait until tomorrow night so you can put me through my paces.  With any luck, maybe I can get you to agree to come with me, as well as leave with me."

I gently stroked him one last time that warm summer's eve by laughing and telling him, "Well, if you really have your heart set on coming with me in the near future, you had best pray to Pan that your tongue be nimble indeed then honey."  It didn't surprise me a damn bit later on in our relationship, the longest lasting relationship he had ever had by the way, when he admitted he had indeed said a quick prayer to Pan right before he got to the party to make sure his tongue was nimble enough to impress me into wanting to come with him.  

You will notice the both of us were having a great time playing games with the words come with.  Though we were actually supposedly discussing what it took to get me to commit myself to coming to a dance or party with a guy, you would have to be thick as a brick not to realize that there was another underlying concept being bandied about in that conversation.   Since he had seen me leave with several of his fellow pack mates over the last several weeks, but had rarely seen me enter a party on the arm of a particular wolf, he knew the proposition and stipulations I had put to him, and on him, concerning our seeing each other the next night, wasn't anything personal.

This concludes the crash course in subliminal seduction from Beyond.  By now you should be mastering the art of subliminal seduction.  From here on out, it is simply a matter of practice makes perfect.  Think about what you have learned from these lessons, and practice ways of applying this knowledge.  Apply it with skill and grace, and you will become a master or mistress of this ancient and wonderous art.  The art of verbal subliminal seduction has been around as long as language itself has been around.  The only thing new about what you are doing may be the surroundings and circumstances in which you apply this ancient art.  Go forth and make word magick now with what you have learned, then perhaps you too will one day be able to seduce your heart's desire, as he or she has never been seduced before.