Things have changed. I haven’t

May 31, 2019

By Beyond Blonde

Remember when George W Bush said he didn’t feel Wicca was a real religion, and wanted the military to rethink allowing Pentacles on the graves of Pagans who served our country? Well I do. And let me tell you I rolled his ass over the coals for that. And because things were different back then, I didn’t lose any friends or fans for voicing my opinion of his statement because they knew I am a Witch. They understood how much that statement hurt me, and all Wiccans. 

But now, if I voice my opinion concerning anything Trump says that I don’t agree with I am labeled The Enemy. Just as some labeled me Racist for occasionally merely disagreeing with Obama. This polarization started with some Dems doing that to anyone who disagreed with him. I tried to warn those doing that back then they were playing into the hands of the real racists. But, they didn’t listen, and now look where we are. Thanks to the stupidity of those Dems, the real racists are now out of fucking control.

Sadly, some Dems, and those who call themselves Resisters, are still at it when it comes to attacking anyone who even mildly disagrees with something a Democratic Politician says or does. And Goddess help you if roll one over the coals for totally fucking up.

So be you a Rep or a Dem, by all means label me whatever you want for staying true to my values. I will continue voicing my opinion, and when necessary rolling Any Politician over the coals for totally fucking up. It’s what I fucking do. And I’m equal opportunity about it. Especially when it comes to rolling Trump over the coals for the thousands of provable lies he has told, and is still telling you. If you wish to believe those lies that’s your prerogative and right. But, do not expect me to believe them because I read 1984, Animal Farm, and The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich, so I know what the hell is really going on.