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I'm not sure what has brought you here. Or if you even know why you are here. I know sometimes I wind up on a website and wonder how the hell I got there? And what was it I was going to do there? If you are looking for, or are in need of a smile or laugh, the Great Horned Cyber God has been good to you because smiles and laughs are what it's all about here. 

By then By then I had already established my niche on the net, and continued publishing the weekly column here. The list of subjects I have covered in the weekly column includes, but is certainly not limited to, alien humor, both singularly and in groups, animal humor, Barbie humor, Betty Boop, Clinton (yes well, I had to), chat rooms, dog humor, dissenting socks humor, email, fanatics, fantasies, full moon humor, fuzzy duster humor, gophers, hedgehog humor, Indians, JFK (All the best blondes do him), killers, laundry humor, manifolds, monsters, Mr. Clean, nylons, office furniture fun, office help humor, perverts of all kinds, quail, reindeer, sex, spiders, talismen, the energizer bunny, transvestite cats, UFO's, virgins, vampires, wasps, waxers, werewolves, Xerox machines, Yanks, Zeus, and a multitude of other animals, minerals and vegetables.