Beyond Blonde

Hunting Mayhem

To the outside world it was just another former working ranch, turned private hunting lodge/resort. The entire 2 section ranch is surrounded by razor wire topped deer fencing. Inside the imposing wrought iron front gates the original two story ranch house has been restored, new hunting cabins built, along with several RV spots. There is also a large pavilion, as well as other community facilities. The roomy private patio in back of the main house joins with the meandering porch, which leads to a bridge that crosses over the koi pond and swimming. 

Tawny knows all about hunting. She learned about it in the dark jungle of madness she had lived in during her formative years. Anointed by Dwayne into his jungle of madness with her mother's blood when she was 8 years old, she had then been raised in it, trained in it, gone to her knees in it, bled in it, learned to live like an animal in it, and been hunted in it, until she was 16.   

A couple of months after killing her mother, then taking Tawny to his cabin, he began periodically taking her deeper into his woods, and other remote areas he knew well.  He would turn her loose, force her to run, and after giving her a head start, hunt her back down.  Every mistake she made as prey that allowed him to easily recapture her was pointed out to her when the hunt was over.  Then she was brutally punished for each and every one of those mistakes.  

Soon he began allowing three of his most trusted friends to come along on the hunts.  Sometimes these hunts lasted for several days.  They would hunt her as a group, and then one man at a time. Until she turned 13, the punishments given out although brutally painful and degrading, had not been sexual in nature.  Once she turned what Dwayne and his buddies called the Magic 13, that changed.   

Shortly after her 13th birthday, Dwayne and his friends had taken her on a week long hunt. What they did to her during that week had damaged her so badly internally she had nearly died. By then, Dwayne didn't care because what had started as a plan to create the perfect dream woman for him, had become a dark nightmare revolving around having the perfect pet for him and his three friends to play with. Hunting that perfect pet down, then punishing her for getting caught had become a favorite form of amusement for Dwayne and his three friends. They would pile into the old van singing a very lewd version of,  "A Hunting We Will Go", that revolved around the many things she was going to do to please them during and after the hunt. Inspired by the song, they would already have her on her hands and knees in the back of the van doing some of those things before they reached the end of Dwayne's long driveway. 

After she had driven the knife in his chest, then slid it across his throat on her 16th birthday, the painful lessons she had learned at his hands as prey had served her well. Both when she was the hunted, and the hunter  Many of the cruel and painful lessons she had learned at his hands had served her well over the years. Especially when years later, before agreeing to go look at an old ranch with Rick, the rabbit turned on the hounds, and hunted down those friends of Dwayne's that had participated in hunting her. 

She started the hunt by capturing all three of them when they were returning home from a Saturday night drunk.  They were only too eager to stop on that lonely road and help the leggy redhead standing next to a soccer mom minivan with the hood up. Within moments, the leggy redhead had them bound and gagged in the back of the minivan, which was 4 wheel drive, and had never been owned by a soccer mom.  As she started the minivan, she reintroduced herself to the 3 bound and gagged men, explained they were all going hunting again, then drove off wordlessly humming, "A Hunting We Will Go."

One had suffered some broken fingers from having the hood of the minivan slammed on it.  The other two had some slight head and gonad injuries, but nothing that would interfere with the hunt. They had never let her injuries interfere with the hunt. Why should she let theirs? She took them to one of the remote regions they had once hunted her in. Then she released them one at a time, and hunted each one of them, as they once had hunted her.

They had refrained from actually killing her on those hunts because they had other uses for her once she was recaptured. Lots and lots of brutal perverted uses that left her battered, bloody, begging for death, unable to ever bear children.  She had no use whatsoever for the men she was hunting.  Like she once had, they too had begged for death before the hunt was over. And finally, when the rage inside her at what they had done to her all those years ago resided, and their screams for mercy and death had grown boring, she granted them peace.   After the third one, for just a moment, she thought of putting the gun in her mouth, and bringing herself the same peace. 

That moment passed though. Tawny buried the bodies where they would never be found. She drove the stolen minivan to another state, and in another remote area, completely torched it.  After hiking to where she had left another vehicle, being careful to erase her tracks as she did, she got in that vehicle, and returned to Rick. Then agreed to spend the next weekend in the Texas hill country, looking over an old ranch.  

Rick had ended up purchasing the old ranch. Then proceeded to turn it into the supposed hunting lodge/resort that it now was. Unbeknownst to the locals or anyone else, it is now "Home Sweet Home" to some of the most dangerous and lethal people in the world.